Rod Stewart with LUC38K in period

In 1971 Rod Stewart, then with The Faces, replaced his Marcos with one of the first Lamborghini Miura P400 S in the UK, supplied by , by Lamborghini Concessionaires Ltd. of Alie Street, London options included air conditioning.

  • 1971 Lamborghini Miura P400 S
  • Registration no JLL 831K
  • Chassis no. 4863

This car started a love affair with Lamborghini as he subsequently traded it against an Miura SV, LUC38K

This car was latterly upgraded to SV spec by subsequent owners, and sold in October for £909k at Coys at Alexandra Palace sale.

JLL 831K

JLL 831K now in SV spec at a Coys Auction, where it sold for just over £900k

By 1972 The Faces were in full swing, and his solo hit Maggie May was enormous, so why not order the most expensive Lamborghini, the Miura SV, ordered in yellow, again with air conditioning and a state of the art Phillips radio/cassette with a recording function

  • 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV Coupé ( 1 of 7 RHD )
  • Registration no LUC 38K
  • Chassis no. 4818

He kept the car until 1985, which in rockstar terms is a lifetime, and the fact that both cars still exist is amazing, Rockstarscars would love to see them together again

Easter 1974

This picture above is just the sort of thing that makes us weak at the knees at Rockstarscars

Quite by chance, in Easter 1974 Steve Keen & Kathryn Britten were bombing around the backlanes around Windsor in Steves Red Marcos, when the yellow spec in the rear view mirror turned into a bright yellow Lamborghini Miura looming upon them.

Unexpectedly, a bit of heated driving ensued, and after a few miles the Lambo overtook the Marcos, and after another few fast miles they pulled over in Windsor in a Pub car park to compare cars, they were shocked to discover the mystery Lambo driver was Rod Stewart!

They had a great chat about the cars, as Rod used to have a Marcos and still liked them, took some snaps, and went their separate ways..

A Priceless piece of rock and roll motoring history.

LUC38K recently

There are various stories about Lamborghini mechanics having to visit Rods house to fix them, fans breaking into them, and stealing Rods Granny Takes a Trip Jacket and shades, but would love to hear more…

Rockstarscars would love to speak to the owners of LUC 38K & JLL 831K and anyone with a story about Rods cars, please get in touch.

We would obviously love to interview Rod for Rockstarscars. ( the Tony Iommi interview waxes lyrical about the SV, and its power, but also its ability to catch fire )

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