About Rockstars Cars

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Welcome to the newly redeveloped home of Rockstars Cars. New and exciting content will be added over the coming weeks so be sure to check back. Alternatively ‘Like’ us on Facebook or ‘Follow’ us on Twitter for updates.

This website is being developed as a support and communication medium for a definitive documentary, book and archive of the same working title that is being currently researched.

We are seeking information and images from fans, record companies, management companies, car clubs, past & present owners and of course the celebrities themselves.

Whether you have an old Polaroid photo of the back of John Bonham’s AC Cobra, a rare snap of Ginger Bakers Jensen or a story about Keith Moon running over your foot in a Ferrari Dino, Rockstars Cars would like to hear from you.

Alternatively if you are a celebrity & you would like an urban myth putting to bed once and for all, this project is the medium!!

The Author is initially inviting entries from artists of the sixties and seventies period.

Please contact via info@rockstarscars.co.uk

Copyright: The information and pictures on this site come from my own collection and from those of friends around the world. I don’t know if all this information is free of copyright. If I use something that belongs to you than please let me know. Many items have reached me by e-mail and were not more than a scanned image with no information about the source. If you wish I’ll remove it a.s.a.p. or mention your name or / and make a link to your site