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John Lennon Psychedelic Door

Paul Karslake Fine Art and rockstarscars have collaborated on a new project inspired by John Lennon’s iconic Phantom V.

The psychedelic Rolls, commissioned in May 1967 by Lennon is amongst the most unique and valuable cars in the world and epitomises sixties London.

He and his exclusive friends used the car between 1967 and 1974 in both the UK and the US.

A limited run of 11 Rolls Royce doors will be individually completed by Paul Karslake, who’s work is in collections such as Sir Michael Caine and Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards.

John Lennon's Rolls Royce John Lennon's Rolls Royce Paul Karslake Rolls Royce Door Paul Karslake Rolls Royce Door

Each piece is priced at £6,995.00 and each one will be customised to the buyers epitome of their image of John Lennon.

The inside ‘door shut’ area is painted black, as is the real car, and the door is from a 1960’s Rolls Royce Cloud III

Please email for details


Donovan Leitch & his wife Linda have had owned some fantastic cars in their time, including Rolls Royces, Lotuses, Land Rover & Range Rovers, but Donovan’s favourite will always be the Mercedes 300 SEL 6.3.

The car in its day was the flagship of the entire Mercedes range, and was the fastest genuine four seat car in the world. Donovan purchased the car in 1972 and it was mainly used for high speed trips from his then home on the Wentworth Estate in Surrey to the Hard Rock café in London, often at speeds of 100mph plus when the mood took him. It was often driven rapidly by Donovans driver, Stewart, who was Linda’s brother.

In fact most of Donovans time in the 6.3 was in the back, being wafted around with great aplomb by Stewart with famous passengers such as George Harrison and Bobby Whitlock amongst others. The car was also featured in a promotional video with Donovan where it is being driven down the Marylebone Road in London. After a few years Donovan passed ownership to Stewart, who then passed it on, after several years of spirited driving in her.

Donovan Donovan Donovan Donovan

It is a miracle that JMO9K existed for it to be restored, as after Stewart it’s had a harder life, especially as it was left outside in a field for approximately five years.

However, Steve Barratt took on the costly & lengthy process of restoring the car, sympathetically, to leave as much of the original character intact, but to make as much of everything else near perfect. Interestingly there is still a box of toothpicks used by Donovan in the glove box, and a ‘cosmic wheels’ sticker Donovan stuck on carefully preserved behind the drivers seat.

For more information on Donovan & his music and current performing schedule see!/DonovanOfficial?v=app_2344061033

For more information on Steve’s restoration of JMO9K & how to hire the car for special occasions

Ginger Baker

Rockstars Cars caught up with Ginger Baker on a cold November afternoon, whilst he was in the UK promoting his new book, and just before his live appearance on Later with Jools Holland. For the full story please see the April issue of Classic & Sportscar which out on the 4th March 2010.

The venue was the K West Hotel in Shepherd’s Bush and the team had one hour to reunite Ginger Baker with the former Managing Director of Jensen Motors and friend, Richard Graves, together with a Jensen FF, a car he hadn’t sat in since 1978.

Ginger Baker Ginger Baker Ginger Baker Ginger Baker

The brief, to interview him for the book, and recreate a classic photo of Ginger Baker collecting WOY64G from Richard Graves 40 years previously at Kelvin Way, West Bromwich, the Jensen factory.

It was obvious on the initial meeting that Baker had a very hectic schedule, but he soon warmed when he saw a face from the past in Richard Graves, and became quite animated when he saw the white Mark 1 Jensen FF we had parked outside. He was very quick to point out that the roof on our car was the wrong colour, (his had a blue roof!).

After the photo’s both Baker and Graves read through with interest the file full of hand written letters from Baker to Jensen Motors. They also included Richard Graves carefully worded replies.  These letters have sat in the Jensen Motors archive from 40 years ago, and caused much amusement for the pair. He had 3 Jensen FF’s OAF 33F and WOY64G both mark I’s and a mark II YYH27H.

These cars had an eventful history, particularly WOY64G & YYH27H, see the article in C & SC, or keep watching out for the book…

Thanks to Ginger Baker, Nettie Baker, Ailsa Macalister, Richard Graves, Dave Barnett, Mike Shelton, Sara Bell, Martin Robey Limited, K West Hotel (London), Andreas Kreis, Matt Walsh

‘Hellraiser: autobiography of the world’s greatest drummer’ by Ginger Baker was published in November 2009 by John Blake

Cars for Film and TV

Midnight of my life

Rockstarscars provides Classic Cars, and continuity advice to film and TV.

We pride ourselves in getting the details right, and ensuring the vehicles are the correct year and model and have the right feel for the film.
Our most recent film was Midnight of my Life, a short based on Steve Marriott with Martin Freeman, Rockstarscars provided both vehicles, one of which was an ex Led Zep car.

We have a fleet of 11 cars including Jaguar E Type, Jensen Interceptor, Rolls Corniche DHC, Mercedes W108, Porsche 993, Mercedes 500 SL and of course Led Zeppelins 2 door Range Rover, as well as connections with many other marques.

Even if you have sourced your cars, Rockstarscars can double check the suitability for period for the project before shooting takes place

Please get in touch via .